The Bill Hodges’s Trilogy

As far as Stephen King goes, I have only read one of his books. 11/22/63  was the first book I read back a year or two ago. Now, I have embarked on my second Stephen Kind novel, and little did I know, it’s a trilogy!

Over spring break my family and I had to fly to get to our destination. So naturally, while waiting in the airport, I bought a book. The lucky winner was End of Watch by Stephan King. 

When I started reading the book (a couple of weeks later), it seemed like I was missing something. Everything made sense, but I felt like there were some details I lacked. I had NO clue I was reading the third book to a trilogy. I immediately bought the first two book on my Kindle and started to devour the first book, Mr. Mercedes

Mr. Mercedes immediately caught my attention. The psychological thriller was intriguing and the changing perspectives of the “perk” (HA. Inside joke for those that have read it) and the detective made it even better for me. I personally love books that do that. We flip flop between Brady Hartsfield and the heroic Bill Hodges. One a retired detective and the other the Mercedes Killer. I won’t spoil anything for you, except for the fact that Holly Gibney steals my heart and makes a place for herself in my Top 10 Favorite Characters list. I can’t tell you I didn’t expect the ending… mostly because I read about it in the first book before I realized it was the last of a trilogy.. yeah, I know. BUMMER. RIGHT?! Even though I knew what happened, I had no idea how. Needless to say I was THRILLED with the ending. Well, yeah.. yeah I’m gonna stick with that. 

NOW! Onto Finders Keepers, the second book of the trilogy. Although it really wasn’t connected to Mr. Mercedes (although towards the end there are some intertwined characters involved) the story was probably more intriguing to me than the first. Granted, I had no idea how this book was going to end. This book, however, was just as thrilling and satisfying. The main characters involved were completely different than the ones encountered earlier. Holley Gibney is still my fave, I mean COME ON. She’s just so weird and adorable! 

End Game brought some tears to my eyes as I read through the last few pages. Not because it’s so late at night and I’ve been reading for hours, but because the characters are so perfectly served and the ending is almost poetic. The book is even more psychological than the other two, and I mean that in all ways possible. The information displayed by Stephan King certaintly didn’t leave any holes. 

If you enjoy Stephan King, psychological thrillers, mysteries, or just a good, intense read in general I highly recommend the Bill Hodges trilogy. I, personally, devoured all three within two weeks (and that’s with finals coming up)! So please, do yourself a favor and get to know the characters in this trilogy. Especially Holly.. I may be obsessed..

I hope you enjoy! xoxo 


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