Spring Break 2017: Grand Turks, Ambers Cove, and Nassau

Spring break 2017 was nothing less than amazing. As usual, my family and I went on a cruise with some close friends of ours. This cruise was a little different for me. Not only was I ecstatic to give up my phone for the 6 days we were gone, but I also decided to be a little more “adventurous” than I usually am. 

It all started in Ambers Cove when I decided to go zip lining. Now usually the thought of something like this would terrify me and I would come up with some excuse to get out of it. This time, however, I decided, “What the heck? Who can say they’ve zip lined in another country?” So, I did it. And it was slightly terrifying right before I was pushed off the platform, but as it was happening I could feel the excitement running through my veins. I looked down at my parents as my mother took pictures as she usually does. That’s right, I LOOKED DOWN. Probably not the best idea, but it wasn’t so bad. 

The next “adventurous” thing I did was try ox tongue for the very first time (and more than likely the last). There’s really no story there, it was not a bad taste, more of a texture issue. *BLEH* 

My final “adventurous” activity landed in Nassau as we visited Atlantis. The last time I went to Atlantis, I strictly stuck to the “lazy” river (which isn’t lazy at all. In fact, it involves rapids). On this go around I tried out a water slide called “The Falls” I believe. It was probably the least extreme of any waterslide there, but hey, that was a big deal for me. This waterslide involved riding an inflatable tube up a conveyor belt and then… well.. it goes a little something like, “AAAAAAAAAaaaaaahhhhhhhhh” as you plummet down the slide. There’s a tunnel involved that is pitch black. I’m not really sure what direction I was going or how I made it out unharmed, but after that I decided my “adventurous” side had been slightly tamed. 

You may noticed I continue to put “adventurous” in quotation marks. That is because I am fully aware my definition of “adventurous” is different from others. Some of you may read this and think, “Psh, that’s nothing.” Well, it was more than “nothing” for me. It was a change. It was different. It was adventurous

So, don’t let anyone tell you you’re not “adventurous” enough because they have a different idea of what that means. Be yourself. Have fun. Try new things, but only if you feel comfortable doing it. Life is an adventure, but everyone’s life is different. Don’t forget that. 


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