How To Make A Cardboard Letter With Pictures Using Modge Podge

Supplies: You will need one cardboard letter of your choosing, modge podge, a brush to apply the modge podge with, one pair of scissors, and usually 4-6 pages of pictures to add to the letter. If you choose to paint the sides of the cardboard letter (like I have for this project) you will need to choose a color of paint and a second paintbrush.


  1. If you choose to paint the sides of the letter, you need to do this first. Paint the sides with the color of your choice. For Acrylic Paint, it suggests to let the paint dry for 1 hour between coats. Repeat this process until the sides look the way you want them to look. If you choose to not paint the sides, but to add pictures there instead, that’s okay! I’ve done that many times before, but for this project I decided to switch it up a little bit. supplies
  2. A good thing to do while the paint is drying is to pick out some of your favorite pictures you want to add to the letter. I, personally, arrange the pictures on to a Word document for easy access. Let the pictures vary in size and fill the pages completely. Once you print the pictures, make sure to let the ink dry before moving them. after-painted-sides-before-cut-out
  3. Once the pictures are dry, it’s time to cut them out. I like to separate the pictures into piles according to size. That way I know what I have to work with. organized-pics
  4. Once your letter is dry from the paint and the pictures are cut out, you’re ready to start! Make sure that you place the picture of your choice down on the letter (without modge podge) to see how it fits. This way you can make adjustments and cut some corners off if you need to.
  5. Once you’ve cut the picture so it fits the letter perfectly, paint the modge podge directly on to the cardboard letter. NOT THE PICTURE! This is very important. Press the picture down gently to the freshly modge podged letter, and make sure there are no air bubbles underneath.
  6. You repeat this process until the letter is covered. Now, I will warn you, it can get messy. So have some paper towels nearby and a place to put the brush with the modge podge on it while you measure and cut pictures.
  7. Once you have the letter covered to your liking, let the modge podge dry. I usually let the letter sit out over night just to be safe.before-last-coat
  8. Once the pictures are securely dried on to the letter you can paint the top coat of modge podge over the pictures. If you do this step while the glue is still wet underneath the pictures there will be bubbles, and your pictures become easy to smudge.
  9. One coat of modge podge should be enough over the pictures. Be sure to let it dry completely before touching it because it could still mess up the picture.
  10. Now that the top coat is dry, you’re finished!  Enjoy your crafty letter. This is a great gift idea for a friend or family member. I hope you enjoy!finished

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