A Beautiful Monday

This morning I woke up like I do every Monday; dreading the long day ahead at school and the rest of the week to come. It all started just like any other day, until around noon. 

Being a sophomore in college it is time for me to be looking at summer internship opportunities. I met with my advisor today to discuss this and an upcoming schedule for the next semester. Leading up to this meeting I was very nervous. I was scared of what might happen or what limited options I must have. 

Boy did God have other plans for me. 

Leaving the meeting, I had a solid plan. Not to say that solid plan might fall through. I am currently waiting to hear about a possible internship opportunity and I have a good feeling about the upcoming semester. 

What I learned today is this; When Gods little hidden blessings come to light, they remind you of how wonderful he is. I have been blessed with an amazing advisor at a wonderful university, I have been blessed with a wonderful family that supports me, I have been blessed to live in such a tight knit community. All of these things came to light today and now, as I sit in my car and bask in all that He has done, I am reminded of just how great He is. 

It is important to sit back and just realize the little things that add up to be a big blessing. I am praying to get the opportunity, but it is not up to me. 

So today has been a beautiful Monday❤️


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